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The Week Flower

I’m always in trouble with knowing which day of the week it is. I’ve added a configurable clock to my Windows task bar, displaying the day, too, and have a similar one for Android (unfortunately it shows the day in English only and I’m always messing up Tuesday with Thursday), but… no, I want something different. I want a different color for each day to identify them with, to recognize the day just at a glance.
  Now I did it in Zooper. I’ve called it the week flower.
  Both the color and the direction of the colored petal is associated to a day. These are my colors and directions, starting with Monday (grey), but you can choose your own.

So, let’s create it. It’s a 1·1 Zooper widget with transparent background and two modules: the petals and the background circle. First the circle. It’s a RECT object with width 80, height 80, corners 50 (this makes it a circle), everything else is left default, and the following is entered in Advanced parameters (in a single line):


Before typing it, check what does #DE# return on your device and change the Mon, Tue etc. parts if necessary. And enter the colors of your choice. I’ve set the background in darker colors than the petals, but it’s not obligatory.
  Then the progress bar. In the row Edit Progress Min/Max/Value, enter 0 for Min, #Df# for Value, and 7 for Max. Set both FG and BG Color to black (or any color you’d like to see as the color of the other six days). Width is 180, height is 20, rotation is -50 (you have to change it if you want to see another day on the top right, not Monday), curving is 360, spacing is 20 and split is 1. Set Fill Mode to Highlight Current, and enter the following in Advanced Parameters:


Finished, you’ve got the week flower.