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Introduction, short version

Kissy is the story of a team of French teenagers who meet on the net, and after one of them being attacked, they find the attacker and give him to the police. So they meet in real life, begin to have meetings, form into a company of friends, loves are forming among them. Associated with their parents they create Foundation Jerry, in the purpose of discovering paedophile criminals (with their term, shindies), but later they catch other kinds of criminals, too, like pickpockets, burglars, car thieves.
  Founding members of the team, by the nicks used on the net: Kissy, Mohamed, Niala, Nimbostratus, Pi, Süni (Hedgehog). We see the story in Kissy’s point of view, thirteen years old at the beginning of the story, a daydreamer, with an extraordinary fantasy. But the real protagonist is Vanessa, whose rugged life becomes the focus of the team’s life, while determining the thought of the team with her special world view. A part of this is taking the identity of mice: they call each other mousies, have a tense relation towards cats and eat a lot of cheese. Because they’re fighting with those much bigger than themselves, and their life is on the pot – just like in the battle of mice and cats.
  Important locations: Franconville, Neuilly, Nice, Paris, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Vaucresson, and most importantly, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, a little jewel box on Côte d’Azur, making a dramatic twist in the story with its beauty. And they reach other parts of the country and abroad, too. They visit Tour Eiffel, Versailles, Bastille of Grenoble and other sights. They save many lives, while living their own life, attending school, making friendships, falling in love, listening to a lot of music, eating well and having a good sense of humor.
  They equip themselves with high tech, build an own computer network, running their own software system, they travel with a car specially altered. They train themselves to tremendous fighters, even carrying weapons (catapults). They create an own Morse alphabet, use cover names, solve real mysteries. They learn to drive a car and a motorbike, even an airplane, they learn cookery, sport, speak languages, program computers, write novels, compose music, watch movies and even make them. They raise puppies and kittens, while being mice, but make friends with guinea pigs and frogs, too. They become real modern young people, clever, inventive, educated, self-confident.


We began to write the novel in 2006–2007, I’m continuing it alone since 2010. It’s expected to be finished in 2019. Each part goes online when finished, and can be read in full length – in Hungarian, of course. Its current size is larger than Lord of the Rings. It’s among our plans to publish it in print, in several volumes, illustrated, and I’ve asked a talented artist, in the same age of our heroes.

I recommend it from ten years of age.