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Introduction, long version

Warning! The description spoils a lot of surprise! The descriptions of each part are getting shorter and shorter on purpose, because I want to tell only the most important events.


Spring of 2007. Kissy is an ordinary visitor of the chat site Kids’ Club where she gets acquainted with Mohamed, Niala, Nimbostratus, Pi and Süni (Hedgehog), and later with Sheila. They have good talks knowing nothing about each other. Kissy, Niala and Sheila are girls, the others are boys. She thinks Nimbostratus and Pi to be older and Mohamed to be a little kid. Kissy is thirteen years old, lives in Neuilly, her parents are businesspersons. She likes to go to the cinema with her girlfriend Chantal.
  A day she is alone on the chat when Sheila appears. She escaped from home, she’s at the corner of the Bois, asking for help. Living just some blocks from there, Kissy runs there but finds only a guy who entices her into a truck and jumps onto her. With some scuffle Kissy gets free and runs home, troubled.
  She tells it to Niala, making her to vow she really is a girl thirteen years old. Niala tells it the others. They assemble on the chat and start planning how to catch Sheila. But they should meet in person for that, and they cannot trust each other, since Sheila wasn’t whom he told himself. Pi reveals his incognito, because he is an adult. His name is Pierre Jourdain, twenty-two years old, a student in child psychology. He sends a photo and gives out his address and phone number. Niala, living very far from Paris, calls and checks him.
  Pi meets them one by one, at different places, to check everyone. The password of the team borns now: La Boum was directed by Sophie Marceau. This is to identify themselves because nobody else can say this, not being true (the movie was directed by Claude Pinoteau). Kissy meets Pi on boulevard de Gaulle, with safety measures like in a spy story. Both of them make sure the other one is really whom they say themselves to be. Kissy chats with Niala from a library, and being asked by the old librarian, madame Beaumont, tells her everything. The lady is shocked. She asks Kissy to set the meeting in the library, the others being checked by Pi. The other three all surprise Kissy. Süni is nobody else than Martin, Kissy’s schoolmate she secretly yearns for. In real life, Nimby is an eleven years old kid. And Mohamed is a girl. Eleven years old, too, with a short, blond hair. She is learning martial arts and is a fearsome fighter. She catches Sheila, the man is carried right to the prison hospital.
  After that, the group members talk regularly, now in real life, too, mostly they meet at Kissy’s. Now they include Chantal, too. They arrange a weekend party at Nimby’s who are living in a home in Franconville. Unexpected, Niala appears there, arriving by plane from near Nice. In a private conversation she tells Kissy she loves Pi. On this weekend Mohamed coins the idea to look for other crooks, to let her be able to beat up somebody.
  Some days later, on the chat appears Cindy12 and the team catches him lying. They discourage him from pretending to be a little girl, and at the debunking of the second trickster, Kissy finally gets the kiss she was desiring so much.


They’re together in all of their free time. They make a portmanteau from Sheila’s and Cindy’s name, shindy, meaning a guy who pretends a child on the net, to get approach to children. Niala and her parents invite them for summer. Everybody is glad, just Mohamed is silent. She tells her secret to Pi: she has no family, she’s living with foster parents, but not well, and they’re poor enough. The others arrange her to have some clothing on Côte d’Azur. During shopping she has an occasion to have a fight, and Kissy’s father, unknowing, acquires a professor’s degree.
  Pi’s girlfriend is called Angélique and she learns astronomy. They meet Niala’s father, Georges D’Aubisson, a pilot at Air France, and her mother, Blanche, a dentist. They live in a charming little town, Beaulieu-sur-Mer, east from Nice, in a hillside villa, with Blanche’s relatives running a pension in the neighborhood. The guests are lodged here.
  In the whirl of the vacation, Kissy can recognize just bit by bit how taciturn Mohi became, her thoughts are elsewhere. But Kissy understands only a lot later, seeing the fireworks, that Mohi has fallen at first sight, desperately for the beautiful little town.
  They discover a shindy on the beach, a young guy looking suspiciously at naked little children. They arrange him to be monitored, and give him the name Sylvie, because surely he isn’t called so and they can talk about him even in his presence. Pi suffers an accident what lets Niala to notice what Kissy has observed for a while: Mohi knows everything about Beaulieu, she knows the locals, knows even the rumors, and she has learned Provençal in a week, not even knowing about the existence of the language. Niala, deeply bittered, discovers which movie did Mohi receive her name from.
  The age difference between Niala and Kissy being three days only, Blanche and Georges set up a common surprise, but Mohi makes an even greater surprise for them, astounding the full group. The birthday becomes a very memorable, determining evening of their life.
  Nimby has a theory for the program to monitor the traffic of the kid chat sites and filter shindy suspicious individuals with. Georges and Blanche view it as worthy to realize, in the form of a foundation because of the expenses.
  On their last full day in Beaulieu they catch Sylvie and rescue in time the eight years old little girl kidnapped. But Mohi suffers a serious injury. The D’Aubissons cancel their programs, also they delay the travel home. With some difficulties they get the rescued girl, Elke, back to her parents.
  When going home, Mohi doesn’t take home the clothes she got for the vacation, they stay at Kissy’s. Among them is an envelope she never opens.


Kissy gets a kitten from Niala, called after the place they met first at, the chat: Chat, French for cat. She plays a big role in that they start to call themselves mice, because they’re in war against those much bigger than they are, and the pot is their lives – just like in the battle of mice and cats. They call their organization-to-be Foundation Jerry. They create an own Morse alphabet and a system called X-code, they learn to fight from Mohi. They arrange a meeting for the parents of the members, to introduce their plans. Mrs. Ange, madame Beaumont is the president. Kissy’s father finishes a work they want to move to an own home after. They hire a programmer called Shrek to work out Nimby’s software plan.
  Mohi’s foster father tries to abuse her. They rescue her to Kissy, whose parents take the guardianship for her. Niala solves her problem: the D’Aubissons adopt Mohi, who can finally return to Beaulieu. Upon the occasion she abandons the name Mohi: from now she’ll be Vanessa.
  The program is ready, and soon they catch their next shindy. They found a suitable house in Vaucresson, and they move there helped by the mice. Meanwhile Vanessa proves herself to be a sharpshooter, so they design and produce guns, they’ll carry them permanently. Kissy discovers Vanessa and Nimby fell in love. They don’t know it yet.


The foundation is introduced to the managers of Kids’ Club with an own ad movie, and they make an agreement. Jerry starts a hunt for a shindy named The Hundred. They extend their computer network. Kissy saves forty-five euros for a lawyer, and later his life. They take a first aid course. They make a great celebration on Vanessa’s birthday, and everybody is wondering if the lovers find each other.


They learn to drive. No shindy at the moment, but there’s a car thief. Kissy’s birthday tightens her relation with Martin. The team spends two weeks in Germany. They inaugurate an honorary mouse.


The family extends with Suzy. After a hunt a new member joins the team, bringing a shindy along. They put in a new trick against him. Kissy spends her nights with Martin. She catches the next shindy. Vanessa keeps two birthdays by year, and the other one is a big holiday, too.


The water tower case begins with a picture that Vanessa finds strange, and after multiple police action, it ends with an enormous kick. They spend new year’s eve in Zurich. Vanessa is getting a better cook, and suddenly her musical talent turns out.


Jerry creates an own computer surface. A girl disappears from Kissy’s class, and only they know where is she. They help to hunt down a dangerous crime gang.


Georges gives up his job. Jerry’s summer tour is full with experiences, they see a lot of nice places, catch a shindy, meet Vanessa’s old friends, and another love is forming. Niala is waiting her fifteenth birthday impatiently, when everything shall turn out.


Vanessa is composing music. Some of their new shindy cases end with an unusual result. Vanessa may have blood relatives.
  Due to Krisz’ death this part doesn’t end but it’s interrupted. From this point I’m writing it alone.

11. LOVE

During the winter holiday they catch burglars and a pickpocket and expand their armory. A new candidate joins. Their faces are on banknotes. Vanessa’s illness brings stunning news.


Kissy hunts her next shindy with muggle help. More relatives appear. Kissy beats up a bantha and becomes the heroine of the most boring fight of the history. They have a talk with a shindy for the first time.


Jerry earns an own airplane and has puppies born. They keep tally on four kinds of mice. The investigation of the foundation against kidnappers ends with a scene like an action movie.


They inaugurate Jerrypoly. Kissy performs a romantic and dangerous life rescue. They start controlling Facebook. They extend their vehicle pool and perform a significant computing expansion. Vanessa introduces herself as a maffioso. They found a skylark among the mice.


Their new shindy captured leads them to a club. Vanessa’s father appears. Centauri is formed. They create a large shindy trap.


They begin to renovate the house. They catch scores of shindies in a short time.


They spend a week in Venice. The foundation creates its new, fearsome shindy trap, the Garlic.


Jerry’s American vacation can’t take place without action scenes.


Kissy is wilder than ever. She’s got a good reason to.


Jerry never found it yet so useful that it can fly.


The foundation takes its first steps towards publicity.


They get the idea to recruit.


School ends.


Summer 2012 Mouse Training Camp of Foundation Jerry.


Even the vacation has events.


Kissy starts her career.