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The Sinclair Commodores

In an alternative universe (or whatever) where Commodore Business Machines was taken over by Sinclair Research Ltd., the Commodore computers were designed by Sinclair designers. Or whatever. And therefore, they were following the good old Sinclair design where all keywords were written on the keyboard as characters on their own. That’s the idea I picked up and I designed their keyboards myself, because I had no contact to the alternative universe.

Sinclair Commodore 64

For first, the graphic characters are still there on the keyboard, displayed on their front side, just for technical limitations, this rendering cannot display them. But they are there and work as usual, the left character is reached by C= and the right one by SHIFT.
  Most keys are wearing two keywords, colored red and green, according to Spectrum tradition.
  At the beginning of a line, after a line number, a : or a THEN, you can see a K cursor which means the Sinclair Commodore 64 is expecting a keyword. Pressing a key which has a red keyword on it prints the keyword, and the cursor changes to L meaning it expects a letter. Now the keys act normally.
  Pressing CTRL with any key that wears a green keyword results in printing that keyword. CTRL or C= with the digit keys results in changing the character color, as normally.

Sinclair Commodore 16

Again, the graphic characters are still there. I don’t know where they are displayed on the keys that have a keyword on their front side, but they are there and they work.
  Everything works the same as on the 64, but pressing SHIFT and CTRL switches to ALT mode. In this mode, pressing a key with a blue keyword prints that keyword.

The keyboards were designed in Keyboard Layout Editor and rendered in KLE Render.