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Sorted List of the World’s Languages

Apparently, there’s no page on the net listing the languages of the world, sorted by the number of speakers – all languages. There are many lists of the biggest languages and that’s all. However, the information is available in Ethnologue, just we have to extract it. This was already done by Zeke Sikelianos and published here. I took this database and wrote a script to compile it to a sorted list.
  The table shows the Ethnologue three-letter abbreviation and the name of the language, then the name of the country it’s associated to, and the complete population entry from the database. To have it sorted, the script extracts the biggest number mentioned in the text, not including numbers between parentheses. However, in some cases, year numbers are shown out from parentheses and may be chosen for sorting since there’s no bigger number in the entry. So, it’s not perfect.
  The list contains 7469 languages totalling 7,441,243,311 speakers due to taking some L2 speakers into account twice.

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