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I realized that –
  If a man speaking to himself is a monologue and two speaking to each other is a dialogue, then two speaking to themselves is a biologue.
  If irrelevant is a negligible sized elephant, then irredentist is a negligible sized tooth doctor.
  If gemination is sending people to the space, then apologizing is sending people to the Moon.
  If the Arctic and the Antarctic are at the opposite ends of the world, then antology is a science of extreme distances.
  If superlative is the highest extent, then isolative is the equal extent.
  There must be a game called Obs Tetris.
  If a latitude is a line running horizontally, then a promptitude is a line running on an MS-DOS screen.
  A countermeasure must be a ribbon numbered from 100 to 0.
  If attractive is someone who attracts you, then active is someone who acts you.
  A heroic and short person is called a bræve.
  Don’t pronounce Tennessee with a long first E. That turns it into a legendary monster from Scotland in her adolescent years.
  It’s easy to tell moth and math apart. Moth is the one YOU can strike dead.