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Letters Missing from Unicode

Unicode has many letters, no doubt. There are more than 700 Latin letters with diacritic, for example. Like ă, ċ, ņ, ŵ and even ṏ. But there are heaps of letters in existence that were missing from Unicode. I’ve started collecting them when working on TESZ, and now it’s time to show them. Most of them are Latin, with a few Cyrillic and Greek.
  The collection starts with some letters from Uralist and other phonetical use. Only a few.
  So, we count 142 a’s in the first group.
  175 e’s with variants.
  78 i’s.
  132 o’s and variants.
  98 u’s.
  285 consonants and variants, including digraphs.
  31 miscellaneous symbols.
  Two combining accents (letters a aren’t part of the characters) and 5 additional symbols.
  20 connecting bows of different sizes (letters aren’t part of the character).
  If I was counting right, this is 968 characters. What you’ve seen so far was collected and designed by linguist Mártonfi Attila.

Extending his collection, I had to draw a few more characters for TESZ. These aren’t sorted so nicely, they come as they were needed during the work, and many of them aren’t designed very carefully, especially superscript and subscript characters. What I needed is to have them, not to make them nice.
  6 myself-invented markup characters.
  34 Cyrillic letters in a separate group to make them recognizable as such.
  213 letters and symbols.
  So, there are 253 characters drawn for TESZ.

The third group contains later additions.
  29 letters, mostly from archaic sources.
  14 Cypriot Greek letters.
  61 special Paicî letters.
  Thus, this group has 104 characters.
  The total number is 1325. So far.