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I’m Worried

The problem is not that if Elsa comes out as a lesbian or not in Frozen 2. Well, look, being straight, gay, bisexual or anything is not a question of choice, but only if you are a human being, I mean, the traditional, biological type. If you are a character in a story, it is a question of choice, and the only person who can make this choice is you. Not your creator. No, no, wait. It’s not so simple.
  I, the author, can create a character who is lesbian. I decide whom do I want to create. I can create lesbians, straights, any kind of people, animals, talking snowmen, a deck of cards playing with each other, anyone, and they’ll be just like I wanted them to be, because they were created in that form. And of course, I can create a straight character who suddenly turns out to be a lesbian (or the other way round). I can, I am the author, the god of her universe, but I may not. She may turn grey. Not Meredith Grey, just grey. Lifeless, unrealistic, dull, uninteresting. It’s not sure this will happen but possible: this can happen if I (the author, the god of her universe) order her to become something she doesn’t want to be and cannot be.
  She has no defense, no protection against her author, she is a character who can’t do anything but obeying to what she’s ordered to do and to be. But if the orders are beyond her abilities and her character, she is lost.
  I can’t tell if it’s possible for her to discover herself as a lesbian. Actually, I didn’t see the movie completely yet, Gabi was watching it a lot of times while I was around, so I have a good image about what’s happening, no more – so I can’t tell if it’s possible or not. Her authors and directors know her better than anyone. What I want to say is just be careful when making decisions. The risk is great. Elsa is one of the great heroes of culture. She is the girl who destroyed that horrendous, ruthless Snow Queen by Andersen who was haunting kids for 169 years – she melted her, RIP, let’s forget her, finally. She is the newest icon of feminism and as such, can become an icon of our time.
  So, be careful. Ask her what she can become. If she feels to be a lesbian, great, go on, do it. But don’t force her.