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  2013.6.11. The System of Hungarian Suffixes
  2013.6.17. Suffixationalizationing
  2013.8.2. Genders in Hungarian
  2013.12.19. For you with me to them
  2014.5.15. The Longest Hungarian Word
  2014.7.31. The UEAPTTS
  2014.9.28. A First Taste of Our Keyboard
  2014.9.29. My Way to Develop Keyboards
  2014.11.29. A Family Portrait of a Word: szám
  2014.12.5. I’ve Invented an Abugida, I’ě Iĕ̌ĕ̀y̏ ay̆ Aúı̋ȁ
  2014.12.6. The Latin Brahmic Script
  2015.1.28. The Week Flower
  2015.8.6. Understood?
  2015.8.29. Where Are You From…
  2015.9.17. Enters BestBoard
  2016.2.7. I have an Iwouldbeabletoeat
  2016.4.20. A Nobel-Awarded-to-be Linguistic Study
  2016.4.29. Keybee
  2016.5.29. I’m Worried
  2017.11.20. Apostrophe Catastrophe