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Gabi és a manó

7 ezer szó

Hétezer szavas művecském az első és ez idáig az egyetlen eset, hogy meseregényt írtam. Gabinak – Gabiról, akihez beesik a Télapó egyik manója.


(Gabi and the Elf), 7 thousand words, 2017
  Two weeks before Christmas, Gabi is home alone watching the snow storm outside when she hears a frightening crash from the attic. On going up, she discovers a boy in a fancy dress who calls himself Félix and claims he has fallen from Santa Claus’s sleigh while performing a routine check. He is an elf from the North Pole. Gabi is now seven and a half years old (and she has been good), but doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and his elves. Félix has only a small amount of magic powder, but he can fix the elf-shaped hole on the roof with it, and he can turn a Lego fireplace into a real one to throw a letter written by Gabi into to ask for help from the North Pole.
  But the elves don’t come. Félix, who can pull chocolate out of places where there wasn’t any and who can create Christmas trees and ornaments out of nowhere, loses his patience and looks for a vehicle to travel to the North Pole. He finds a space rocket in a book, but since he has never tried this magic before, he needs to do an experiment to make sure it will work. Gabi colors a Hello Kitty drawing in a coloring book, and Félix turns it into a real kitten, who is eating szaloncukor (the special Hungarian Christmas candies) and says both meow and bow-wow because the last thing Gabi drew with those pens was a puppy.
  Satisfied that the magic worked, they take the book outside and get into the rocket, then set off for the North Pole.