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Tizenháromezer szavas kisregényem A két Lotti új feldolgozása, modern változatban, a saját elgondolásom szerint. Stílusa, amit én „feszített víztükrűnek” nevezek, többeknek nem tetszett, de én szeretem.
  Medvey Orsolya Rita Meorri rajzaival.


(Bear Cubs), 13 thousand words, 2013
  My remake of Erich Kästner’s Das doppelte Lottchen features 12 year old Laimi and Saimi Karhunen, living in separate Finnish towns and suddenly running across each other in the railway station in Helsinki. But they cannot do what the twins did in Kästner’s book, learning all about each other’s life in the summer camp so that they can switch places, because there’s no time for that. And they cannot make their parents fall in love again. Both are living with a new spouse and there’s a little sibling in both families. The twins decide to disappear in Helsinki, to a friend’s weekend house.
  The plan they devise is based on their overwhelming desire to live together now. Together with each other, with the little siblings, with the parent they knew so far, with the parent they didn’t knew till now, and with the stepparents. All eight of them must form a single family, in a common house which they must buy.
  Karhu means bear, and they decide they’re bear cubs, and everyone must fear the bear’s anger.