2012. január 29.

My first FlatPress plugin can be found here.

I wrote it for experimenting with FlatPress and BBCode, and because I don’t like to type long commands while writing blog or anything. Shortest is best.

ManyColors knows more than 1000 colors with direct commands, like [gold], [violet], [yellow], [limegreen] and so on. You can access the so-called web safe colors by very short commands: 1, 2 or 3 letters are enough to identify a color, but these commands need a - hyphen to distinguish them from other BBCode commands. These are Visibone colors. All have two commands, a short and a full one: [-aab] or [azureazureblue], [-r] or [red], [-lhs] or [lighthardspring], [-pwg] or [paleweakgreen] etc. (Once I wrote a Windows program to browse Visibone colors, too.)

You can start a color name by an _ underscore to change the background color instead of letter color. For example, you can quickly mark your text red by typing [_-r]. All color names work as backgrounds, and of course, you can set both paper and ink with two commands.

What makes using ManyColors faster than typing [color=#…] is you needn’t (and mustn’t) retype the command name to end using the color. You’ve got two short commands: [_] to remove the last color and return to the previous one, and [-] to remove all color settings specified by ManyColors commands.

The package contains a display.php file. This won’t be called by FlatPress. After installing the package, open it by typing its path and name into your browser, and you’ll get a complete list of colors and names available.



(1: legrosszabb, 5: legjobb)